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Dec 7, 2013 3:55pm EST
but this is real-time which made it interesting. >> hey jack. i wanted to add before asked my question how much i appreciate and others too on how much work you have done and has been a major voice on the trial and the articles you have been doing and all that. my question is it seems like the media has kind of i don't know if it's a vendetta or a witchhunt or i don't know what you call it against zimmerman in the wake of his divorce scrutinizing him quite a bit on that and of course they didn't really report the accident that he helped save or there was a small little line on it. i guess my question is, do you think the media and maybe some certain so-called civil rights activists or figures are really done with the witchhunt and might they file a civil lawsuit like ron goldman's father did in the o.j. simpson trial? >> here's what happened. the attorney general a good friend of al sharpton, they pal around. he gave a press conference the day before the government shutdown which was also day one of obamacare on october 1 or 2nd i guess. he was asked, what about george zimmerman? he said the inve
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1